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Final Semester Two Exam Timetable

The final Semester Two 2015/16 exam timetable is now available online. Students can use the link to retrieve a personalised exam schedule. Just login using your normal University ID and password.

Exams have been scheduled on Saturday 28 May and Saturday 4 June 2016.  This is not an error. 

The University will be closed on the Bank Holiday, Monday 30 May 2016.

Please will all candidates note that:

  • changes have been made to the timetable since the publication of the provisional version.  It is your responsibility to note correctly the dates, times and venues of your exams.  Please check all of the details again very carefully
  • where an exam is being held in more than one venue, the group taking the exam has been divided by surname in accordance with the number of seats available.  You must ensure that you present yourself at the venue detailed on your personal timetable
  • you must bring your University Smartcard to all of your exams for display on your exam desk.  Please visit the Robinson Library before the beginning of the exam period to obtain a Smartcard if you do not have one

If you have any queries please contact Exams staff immediately.  You can call in to King’s Gate, level two, or complete the online enquiry form.

Exams staff would like to wish you success in your forthcoming exams.

Preparing For Your Exams

Please make sure that you know what to take to your exams (PDF: 281KB)

Exam Venues

For further information on exam venues please take a look at the venues web page

August Resit Timetable

The provisional August resit exam timetable will be published week ending 29 July 2016.

Overseas Resit Exams

Applications to take overseas resit exams in May/June have now closed. Please refer to the Overseas Resit Examinations webpage for further details.

Lost Property

We have a number of items of lost property which were returned to us during the Semester One exam period. Please contact the Exams Office if you wish to reclaim any items.