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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

When will I receive my exam results?

The Exams Office does not notify students of their results, but you can access your transcript on S3P.

When are the exams held?

Future exam dates

Can I sit my exams in my home country?

Newcastle University allows those students who have a permanent home address outside of the UK to take resit exams in a British Council, or equivalent office, in their home country during January, May/June and August exam periods. Please refer to the Overseas Resit Examinations webpage for further details.

When will the exam timetable be available?

The provisional Semester Two 2017/18 exam timetable is now available.

One of my exams does not appear on my timetable, who should I contact?

Inform the Exams Office as soon as possible by completing the online enquiry form. You can also contact your School Office if your module registration is not correct.

I have an exam scheduled for 26 May and/or 2 June, which is a Saturday. Is this correct?

Yes, exams have been scheduled for Saturday 26 May and Saturday 2 June 2018.

I am currently having trouble accessing past exam papers off the website, what should I do?

Past exam papers online are available on campus only. If you are off campus try using the Remote Application Service. Once logged onto that with your usual login and campus password, click on the "IE for on-campus web pages" icon in the Communications and Browsers section.

What ID do I need to bring to my exam?

You must bring your University Smartcard to all of your exams and place it on your desk for the invigilator to see. If you have lost your Smartcard then you must bring some other form of photographic ID with you, ie your driving licence or your passport. As from January 2009 the ID of every exam candidate must be confirmed by invigilators. Therefore, if you do not have your Smartcard or alternative form of official photographic ID, you will be required to report to one of the checking stations in order to confirm your ID. Checking stations are situated at the following locations:

King's Gate, Level two (Level one for Saturday exams)
Castle Leazes Reception
University Sports Centre Reception

Please note that any University Smartcard left in an exam venue will be returned to the Exams Office by the invigilator, then taken to the Philip Robinson Library for collection.

I have an exam next week but have an injury to my hand/wrist/arm which will affect my ability to write. What should I do?

Students suffering a temporary injury, or short term medical condition, are advised to apply for temporary exam adjustments by completing a Temporary Exam Arrangements Form (TEAF). Please read the guidance before completing the form to check that you are eligible and have all the information required.

What if I am ill during an exam or can't attend my exam due to illness?

If you are ill before or during your exam then you must obtain a Doctor's note as soon as possible. This should be submitted, along with a completed PEC form (Personal and Extenuating Circumstances form), for the consideration of the PEC Committee.

I don't know if I will make it to my exam because of the weather, what shall I do?

Where weather conditions make it impossible for you to travel back to Newcastle, or attend a particular exam, you will be able to apply to sit the exam at an alternative time, providing you can produce a copy of a weather report and/or travel warnings which cover the relevant route and time frame.

What is the Exam Centre Number for Newcastle University?

The exam centre number is 40655.

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