entering exams

Entering Newcastle University Exams

To ensure that your course and module registration details are correct on the University database, and that you will therefore be entered correctly for exams, please use the S3P system (Student Self Service Portal) to check your details online.

How to check your modules on S3P:

Please note that the password for S3P is different to your normal University password (although the user id is the same). When you first used S3P you would have been asked to change your password and this will have been confirmed to you via e-mail (to your University e-mail account). If you can't find your password click on the 'Having trouble logging in?' link at the bottom of the S3P login screen and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Once you have logged into S3P you will be taken directly to the 'Registration Status' screen. From the menu options at the top of the screen select 'Modules'. On the screen that is now displayed click on 2016 to see the modules that are currently booked on your record for this year. You can also view modules you have studied in previous years by clicking on the relevant year. If you click on the link on each module code it will take you to further information about that module. Please note you cannot amend your module selections in S3P; if there any problems with your modules or if you have a query about them please contact your School Office.

When you have finished checking your modules you can return to the status screen or logout by clicking the appropriate menu option. At this point it would be useful if you could check that the information you entered into the S3P system when you registered for this year is correct, particularly your address and contact details. You can do this by clicking on the 'Student Data 1' link on the status screen. If you make any changes to your data please ensure that you click on the save button at the bottom of that particular screen.