exam rules

Exam Rules and Guidance

Exam Rules and Guidance

In order to thoroughly prepare you for your upcoming exams, you are expected to have fully read all of the exam rules and guidance below before your exams. 

What to take to your exam desk (PDF: 392KB)

Before, during and at the end of the exam (PDF: 311KB)

Exam Assessment Irregularities

If you fail to follow the rules and regulations outlined above, you may be subjected to certain penalties. Some examples of exam misconduct, as well as possible penalties, are detailed below:

Examples of exam misconduct (PDF: 374KB)


If you are accused of an offence then you will be contacted via email and invited to provide a written statement and/or to attend a meeting.  The full Assessment Irregularities Procedure is available.


Approved by ULTSEC  10/03/2015