exam rules

Exam Rules

Admission to the Exam

Candidates must

1.  Consult their exam timetable and arrive at the correct venue at least 20 minutes before the published start time.

2.  Bring their University Smartcard, passport or drivers licence to each exam.  ID will be confirmed during the exam.  If a veil is worn for religious reasons, the candidate will be taken to a discrete location near the exam room and will show their face to a single invigilator of the same sex.

3. Supply their own calculator, which is approved via the University’s calculator policy, unless the use of a calculator is specifically prohibited in the exam instructions.

4. Place any books, notes and blank paper which are brought into the exam in the designated area as instructed by invigilators.  The University is not responsible for the security of mobile phones, or other valuable items, left in the designated area.

5.  Switch off mobile phones, including alarm functions, and place in the area designated for personal belongings.  

6. Take to the exam desk pens, pencils and equipment necessary for completion of the exam only and place this equipment in a clear plastic bag or clear pencil case.  In addition, candidates may take a drink and a small packet of sweets into the exam room.  Labels must be removed from bottles.

7.  Sit in the seat specified on the seating plan displayed at the venue.

Candidates must not

8. Impersonate another candidate, or allow themselves to be impersonated.

9. Enter the exam room more than fifteen minutes after the exam has begun.

During the Exam

Candidates must

10. Follow all instructions given by invigilators.

11. Remain seated at their exam desk until 1 hour of the exam has lapsed.

Candidates must not

12.  Communicate with anyone except the Invigilator.

13. Have in their possession any books, notes, learning material or equipment not specifically authorised in the exam instructions or have access to unauthorised material by any means.

14. Look at the work or copy from another candidate, or allow anyone to copy from them.

15. Pass off the work of another as their own. Although full referencing is not expected acknowledgements should be included where appropriate.

16. Remove official Newcastle University exam answer books or supplementary paper from an exam room nor bring such material into the exam room.

17. Have in their possession any electronic device or equipment apart from a calculator approved via the University’s calculator policy.  

18. Have in their possession any headphones, communication or recording device.

19.  Leave the room during the last thirty minutes of any exam except in the case of illness.

20.  Leave the room during exams of 60 minutes duration or less for any reason other than illness.  

Completion and Submission of Exam Answer Books

Candidates must

21. Write answers legibly in ink. 

22.  Complete the front cover of the exam book fully and correctly.

23. Ensure their answer book, and any other material to be submitted, is collected by invigilators.

At the end of the Exam

Candidates must not

24. Leave the exam room without the permission of the invigilator. Any student leaving the room unaccompanied while the exam is in progress will not be re-admitted.

Candidates must

25. Remain seated and refrain from communicating with each other until such time the invigilator instructs them to leave.


Approved by ULTSEC  15/11/2012