overseas resit

Overseas Resit Exams

Newcastle University allows those students who have a permanent home address outside of the UK to take resit exams in a British Council, or equivalent office, in their home country during January, May/June and August exam periods. Students should complete the online application form, which will be available via this page at appropriate times of the year, before the given deadline. Full policy details are available.

It is important that you check the list of exams which are exempt from this procedure, as you will have to sit these exams on campus in Newcastle.

August Resits 2016

The exam period runs from Monday 22 August to Friday 2 September 2016.

The application form to take resit exams in August will open on Tuesday 5 July. The deadline for submission is Monday 18 July at 17.00 (GMT).

Where can I take my resit exams?

Exams must be taken in British Council offices which are established and reliable exam centres. The British Council have offices in many cities around the world, addresses and contact information can be found in their Worldwide Address Book.

How much will it cost?

An administration charge of £50 per exam will be payable to the University. The British Council will also charge a fee for invigilation and use of their premises. Fees differ between offices. Contact your chosen British Council office for information on local charges. You must pay both University and British Council fees before your exam takes place. If payment is not received, the exam(s) will be cancelled.

What happens if I don’t take my resit exam?

If you do not take an overseas resit exam which has been arranged for you, you will receive a mark of ‘0’. The same rules apply to all exams whether they are held on or off campus.