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NEW - PEC Library of Benchmarked Cases

We have undertaken a benchmarking exercise with a range of PEC application forms. The links below will direct you to a range of anonymised cases with additional comments provided by a panel of experienced colleagues. The applications are provided as samples which may inform your decision-making on future PEC applications. To produce the samples Student Progress Service and the panel considered a large number of PEC applications from a number of schools. The resulting set of example cases includes a number of fairly common types of claims by students. We intend to continue to add cases to this library which we hope will be particularly helpful to new PEC Committee members.

Please note that these examples are on an internal website and are only accessible from the Campus Network

Important note: these cases have been benchmarked in order to provide examples to guide staff, but do not constitute a binding precedent, as each PEC Committee is autonomous and each PEC application is considered on its individual merits.

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