Personal Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) - Resources for PEC Committee Members (Revised for 2017/18)

During the 2014/15 Academic year, a full review took place to clarify and streamline the PEC process for students and Schools in an attempt to provide a more consistent approach across the University.  The following documents have been produced to assist relevant members of staff to implement the new Policy and Procedure:

It should be noted that requests for adjustments that relate to the following, are not normally accepted as the basis of a PEC application:

  • Instances where an appropriate adjustment has already been made.
  • Retrospective report of illness or other extenuating circumstances, without good reason.
  • Ongoing medical conditions/disabilities including learning disabilities, or mental health conditions for which the student is already receiving reasonable adjustments via a Student Support Plan (SSP).
  • Transport problems, excepting those where it can be shown that adequate time had been allowed.
  • Unspecified anxiety or examination stress
  • Minor infection such as coughs, colds, headaches or hay fever, unless supported by specific medical evidence.
  • Distress relating to family pet.
  • Holidays, house moves, sporting or other social commitments.
  • Known employment or financial responsibilities (particularly when in full-time study).
  • Problems with personal computers, printers or other technology.
  • Where the circumstances could have been avoided, particularly due to poor time management.

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