Conferment of Degrees

All students who would like to attend a Congregation ceremony should submit an application in order to reserve a place. The place will only be confirmed if the student appears on a pass list before the deadline (usually 2-3 weeks before the ceremonies) and does not owe more than £100 to the University in tuition fees. Further details about Congregation matters are available from the Congregations Office.

Pass lists are used to produce degree parchments. Parchments will be issued as soon as possible after the publication of the official pass list and, for Undergraduate students on modular courses, will be accompanied by a ‘HEAR’ (effectively a transcript in the EU style and printed on special security paper).

Where appropriate, parchments and HEAR documents will be issued to students on the day of their Congregation ceremony. This applies to undergraduate awards from June being presented at the July ceremonies. However, if there is no suitably timed ceremony, the documents will be posted to students as soon as possible after they are produced.