Module Selection & Examination Entry

At the start of each academic year almost all undergraduate students and many postgraduate students following taught programmes must make and record a selection of modules which they will study during the year. (Returning students may have already made their module choices in the Easter period).

In many schools, tutors will have to assist tutees in selecting appropriate modules, bearing in mind the requirements of the degree programme being studied. Module selections may require approval from degree programme directors and detailed arrangements will vary from school to school.

Unless pre-booked at Easter, initial module selections must be made during the Welcome Week (the first week of the academic year). Students may change modules, subject to the approval of the degree programme director, but the majority of changes are expected to be made within the first two teaching weeks of the first semester.

Module choices have to be made at the start of the year for both semesters, but there is a two week period at the start of the second semester when students may change their selections for that semester, again subject to degree programme director approval. Tutors should expect to be consulted by students and to advise on module changes.

Any changes to students’ module choices must be notified to the school office for input into the University’s student database. This is important as it can affect school funding and also means that the Examinations team will use accurate module registration data to prepare the examination timetables. For part time students, module registration will directly affect the fee to be paid by the student.

Module selections also determine students’ examination entries in most cases. Where students do not have to select modules, they will normally have to complete an examination entry form. (This applies particularly to the MBBS and BDS programmes).