Postgraduate Admissions Team

Postgraduate Admissions Team

The University’s Postgraduate Admissions Service is located in the King’s Gate building. 

Postgraduate Admissions
Student Services                                 Telephone: +44 (0)191 208 5503
King's Gate                                         E-mail:
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne

Postgraduate applicants needing to speak to an Admissions Assistant in person can do so at the King’s Gate reception between 10 and 12 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings and from 2 until 4 on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.    

The Postgraduate Admissions Team is the primary source of undergraduate admissions assistance and support for:

  • postgraduate applicants
  • postgraduate admissions selectors
  • other members of the public and University staff

We process applications for:

  • postgraduate taught degrees
  • postgraduate research degrees
  • occasional study for postgraduate students registered at other institutions
  • Non-EU exchange study

We make decisions on applications for the majority of postgraduate taught degrees, and make an initial assessment of postgraduate research degree applications prior to consideration by potential academic supervisors.

We aim to ensure that the postgraduate selection and admissions process:

  • is fair and transparent
  • complies with legislation and the University’s Admissions Policy and procedures
  • supports the admission of suitably qualified applicants with the potential to succeed in their chosen postgraduate studies at Newcastle

We offer advice on all aspects of the postgraduate admissions process relating to home, EU and international students and assist academic schools in achieving University targets for undergraduate admissions.