Progression and Monitoring – Annual Progress Review (APR)

It’s a University requirement that your progress is formally reviewed by an Annual Progress Review Panel.

The APR process is carried out using ePortfolio . Both you and your supervisors are required to submit a written progress report, and you may be asked to include one or more of the following:

  • The submission of a piece of work;
  • A presentation on your research;
  • To undergo a viva or interview;
  • Evidence of research training.

It will also be necessary for you to have submitted an approved Project Proposal.

Your School/Institute will specify the exact requirements. They will also tell you the deadline by which you should submit your report, and the date of your panel.

Your APR panel will consider the evidence, including the report of your supervisory team, and determine whether your progress indicates that your research project will meet the standards for the award.

  • If this standard is met, the panel will recommend that your conditional candidature is confirmed at the end of your first year of study, or that your registration should be continued, albeit with concerns.
  • If this standard is not met, the panel will indicate what you and, where appropriate, your supervisory team must do to put the research project back on track. A date for a further review, normally within two months, will be set by your School/Institute.

The panel’s report must be signed by both the Head of School/Institute (or nominee) and the Dean of Postgraduate Studies. A copy will then be made available to you and your supervisory team via ePortfolio.

In the event that the panel is unable to recommend that you progress you will be notified by email and/or letter. You and your supervisory team should then put together an action plan to ensure that the research project will meet the standards of the award by the date set for your reassessment.

On the date of your reassessment, your panel will consider whether progress has been such that the research project will now meet the standards for the award.

  • Where the evidence has demonstrated this, the panel will recommend that you continue your studies.
  • If the panel is not satisfied that supervisory arrangements are adequate and appropriate, but considers that you would otherwise be able to achieve the standards of the award, it may seek the approval of the Head of School/Institute to make a recommendation to the Dean of Postgraduate Studies for the replacement of all or part of your supervisory team.
  • If the panel is satisfied that supervisory arrangements are adequate and appropriate but that you are unlikely to be able to achieve the standards for the award, it may recommend that you are registered for a lower degree where you are likely to be able to achieve the standards or, if you cannot meet the standards for those awards, that your registration is terminated.

Although the final decision on any recommendation made by the Panel and Head of School/Institute is taken by the Dean of Postgraduate Studies, a School/Institute may give you provisional feedback after the panel have met.

“Mid-year” Progression and Monitoring

If, at any point during the course of your studies, your supervisory team have concerns about your progress, they should inform you in writing prior to a meeting. At the meeting, the written comments of your team, including any additional work that your supervisors feel is required, will be discussed with you, and be agreed along with a review date. If your progress continues to be unsatisfactory, you should be informed in writing that this will be referred to the progress panel for consideration.