Applying to Undertake Study Outside of the University

You should complete this application if:

  • You will be actively engaging with your research, but doing so away from the main Newcastle University campus base for a period of more than 4 weeks. Reasons might include data collection; fieldwork; research based at another institution; or you are opting to write-up your thesis, or complete your corrections, from home.

Study external to the University also includes other areas in the UK, as well as other countries.

Approval to study outside of the University is particularly important for international students, where the University is obligated to inform the UKBA that there is a change to your study location.

Your application will be considered only if:

  • You have provided full details of the exact location and address of where you will be based. It is not enough to state the name of the country only.
  • You have provided the proposed dates of the external study.
  • You have stated the purpose and provided full details of the nature of the external study.
  • You have explained what facilities, resources, supervision and appropriate research training will be available to you in support of your research while you are away from the Newcastle campus.
  • You have completed your Project Approval and, where required, applied for and been granted Ethical Approval for your research.                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • You have contacted your School/Institute Office and completed a “Risk Assessment Form.”  A copy of the form must be submitted with your application.                                                                                                                                                
  • You have consulted the University’s information and guidance on Overseas Travel Insurance for Postgraduate students.
  • You have consulted the Foreign and Commonwealth’s Office (FCO) travel advice for the country you are travelling to.
  • Your supervisor has confirmed that arrangements have been made for supervision (and your Annual Progress Review, if appropriate) during this period, in accordance with requirements stated in the Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes. As a minimum you should have regular contact with your academic supervisor at least ten times a year, approximately once per month, and you should have formal contact with your supervisory team at least three times a year, normally once per term. Maintaining regular contact also applies if you are under “Pending Submission” or “Extended Submission” and have decided to write-up from home.

Important Information for Tier 4 Students:

  • Tier 4 students under candidature who are undertaking primary research outside the UK, will normally be permitted to do this for 12 months without curtailment of the Tier 4 visa. This will be reported to the UKVI as a ‘Change of Study Location’ and will not impact on your Tier 4 visa status.
  • Tier 4 students who leave the UK to write-up in their home country or elsewhere, will normally have their Tier 4 visa curtailed.

You should note:

  • You will be registered continuously for the duration of the external study. Your registration will not be interrupted, and your thesis submission date will not be affected.
  • You will still be required to pay the appropriate standard tuition fee for the duration of the external study.
  • You should follow any procedures for attendance monitoring required by your School/Institute, for example, recording monthly Supervisory meeting records in ePortfolio. This also applies if you are under “Pending Submission,” “Extended Submission” or “Under Examination”.
  • Travel to countries where the FCO have advised against all or all but essential travel to parts of the country require careful consideration, and may require additional evidence or information at the discretion of the Dean. Please do not assume that your application will be approved prior to finalising your arrangements.

Click here for a copy of the Outside Study Application Form. (PDF: 168kb)

Click here for a copy of the Risk Assessment Form. (PDF: 30kb) Please note that your School may have a School-specific version of the Risk Assessment form. Please check with your School Office before completing this.