Visa - Frequently Asked Questions for Postgraduate Research Students

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I'm an international research student and I need to renew my visa, will the University give me a new CAS?

The University looks at each case individually so it cannot guarantee support for a CAS until a student’s circumstances are reviewed by the Visa Team. The University policy on CAS issuing for Tier 4 is available at Tier 4 Sponsorship Policy - Student Progress - Newcastle University

In general, the University would support visa renewal for a student who:

  • are within Home Office time limits for their level of study,
  • are making good academic progress,
  • meet all  Home Office requirements for English Language,
  • have proof of official sponsorship or have paid all required fees,
  • have sufficient funds to cover living costs and the Immigration Health Surcharge in line with  Home Office guidelines ,
  • currently have a valid visa

A student who does not meet the above criteria may have their visa refused and in these circumstances the University will not generally offer a CAS.

Also note that in some cases the best (cheapest and easiest) option for a student is to apply for a short term study visa rather than a Tier 4 visa – this would however mean that a student would need to leave the UK briefly in order to apply for entry clearance on a short term study visa.

What happens if the University does not give an International student a new CAS?

If the University does not support a student for visa renewal under Tier 4 by issuing a CAS, a student has limited options, which generally are as follows

Leave the UK and return to home country and continue with studies at a distance, though this is dependent upon a student’s individual study circumstances. The Dean of Postgraduate Studies would need to consider the student’s situation through the submission of an 'Outside Usage Form'. (Postgraduate Research Student Administration - Student Progress - Newcastle University). This may be approved if a student’s  research can be undertaken away from the University and/or the period of intensive research is at an end or if a student is   'writing-up' their thesis. Normal University fees apply to students who continue their studies away from the University during the research phase of the programme. Interrupt studies and return to home country while the student’s visa situation is resolved. This would be done by completing an 'Interruption of Study Form'. (Postgraduate Research Student Administration - Student Progress - Newcastle University) which would be considered by the Dean of Postgraduate Studies. Following a student’s return to their home country, the student’s visa situation would be reviewed and it may be possible for a student to return to the UK at a later date to resume studies, perhaps either on a short term study visa, or on a new Tier 4 student visa. During a period of interruption no University fees are due.

Apply for a short-term study visa, which would be limited to six months (which may not be sufficient for a student to complete their studies) and for which a student would need to briefly leave the UK to apply for.

Obtain alternative legal status in the UK for which a student would need to seek the advice of a a specialist immigration lawyer. Unfortunately, the University would be unable to register a student until proof of a valid visa or evidence of an in-time visa application was provided.