Submitting an Electronic Copy of your Thesis

Am I required to submit an electronic copy of my thesis?

Yes. All students submitting a thesis for examination are required to submit an electronic copy. You are not able to opt out of the requirement to submit an electronic copy.

You should submit one electronic copy of your thesis, along with your two soft-bound copies at your initial submission.

You should also submit one electronic copy of your thesis, along with your resubmission after the viva.

What happens if I don’t submit an e-copy?

If no electronic copy is received, your submission will be incomplete and it will not be possible for your thesis to be examined. You will receive an email from the RSST/ MSGS to advise you of this and to request your electronic copy.

How do I submit an e-copy?

The electronic copy should be on a CD or USB, which is clearly labelled with your name and student number. You can use the CD cover sleeve template (PDF: 82kb) to do this.

Will my e-copy be secure?

Yes. Your electronic copy will be retained by RSST/MSGS during the period you are under examination and will be securely disposed of when all of your examination activities have been completed. Only staff involved in the examination (including administration staff) will have access to the electronic copy of your thesis. This is no different to the arrangements in place for your soft-bound submissions.

Why do you require an e-copy?

Your electronic copy may be scanned via software which will generate a report to check for originality, (to check that it is your own work that has been submitted and that you have acknowledged and referenced the work of others correctly).

The software used by the University is Turnitin. Turnitin is a software program which searches a huge database of journals, past student work and much of the internet to find strings of text which match with a piece of student work. A report showing these matches is produced and the report can be assessed to see if the matches are common phrases, correctly referenced, or not correctly referenced.

When a thesis is submitted through Turnitin, we will request that it is not added to the Turnitin database, thus protecting any commercially sensitive material.

Where a Turnitin report shows suspected plagiarism this will be investigated in accordance with the University’s Assessment Irregularities Procedure, and you will be given an opportunity to state your case.

For further information, please see the Turnitin Principles for PGR Student Work (PDF: 111kb)

Do I still need to submit an e-copy of my thesis with my final hardbound copy?

The RSST/MSGS will retain the electronic copies of your thesis while you are under examination, but you will still be required to submit an electronic copy with your final hard-bound thesis. This final electronic copy will be held in the University Library indefinitely.