Change in Circumstances

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If your circumstances change and you want to transfer degree programmes, suspend your studies or withdraw from the University we can help with this and take care of the necessary documentation.

We would encourage you to liaise with your school / tutor / degree programme director regarding any change so that all of your options can be discussed before a decision is made. Further you can seek support from the Student Wellbeing Service and the Careers Service is able to offer you impartial and confidential advice if you are considering transferring or leaving your course.

Permission for these adjustments is often reliant on approval from the Degree Programme Director and you may request an adjustment to your pattern of study by completing a DPD Request Form [PDF: 406KB] or Transfer Request Form and submitting it to your School office.

If you want to withdraw from your programme, please complete the relevant forms below.

Student programme transfer

If you wish to move to an alternative degree programme at this University please speak to your Tutor/Degree Programme Director about transferring:

Student suspension of studies

If you wish to leave the University on a temporary basis and intend to return (to the same or alternative degree programme) please speak to your Tutor/Degree Programme Director about suspending your studies:

Outside Study Requests (Postgraduate Taught Students with a Tier 4 visa Only)

If you wish to request a period of outside study please speak to your Degree Programme Director about this in the first instance before completing the DPD request form.

Student withdrawal

If you wish to leave the University on a permanent basis you would need to withdraw:

Student absent without leave (AWOL)

If you are an International student, please refer to Student Attendance and Absence Management.

If you are absent from your course and have given no indication to your school that you will be absent, you are ‘Absent Without Leave’ therefore your school may initiate the AWOL procedure:

Individual programmes may also have specific additional requirements so ensure you liaise with your School.

Doctoral and Master of Philosophy students