Moving Out

Moving out of University Accommodation and into the Community

Facts about Misconduct in the Community

Misconduct by students in the community will not be tolerated by the University.

It is your responsibility to ensure your behaviour and the behaviour of any invited guests to your home is acceptable.

Shared houses / flats means shared responsibility.

Complaints to the University are treated very seriously.

Opportunity to request a review of any decision made shall be provided.

Not being aware of what is unacceptable behaviour is not an excuse.

Disciplinary action will be taken if misconduct is founded / reports of noise nuisance are received and fines (up to £200 per individual) may be imposed.

University Officers will refer serious misconduct cases to a Student Disciplinary Committee.

Committees for Disciplinary Hearings will impose appropriate sanctions when misconduct has occurred and have the power to suspend and expel students from the University for gross misconduct.

The full Student Disciplinary Procedure

Remember to be considerate to your neighbours or be ready to face the consequences.


Things to do

Harmonious beginnings - introduce yourself to your neighbours when you first move in.

Avoid using taxis or bringing your car unless it is absolutely essential to and do not park outside your neighbours’ property. If you live in a street which has permit parking places then you can apply for a resident and /or visitor permit online or phone 0191 277 2718.  Use Public Transport or Walk instead

Remember that the house or flat that you live in is unlikely to have been purpose built for multiple occupation and noise will travel.

Music levels should be kept down and headphones used at night – keeping stereos and TVs away from walls and speakers off the floor will also reduce noise levels. Band practices should not be held at your residence - seek an alternative venue

Observe yourselves and your guests – be considerate when closing doors (do not let them bang behind you), do not shout and try to avoid running up and down stairs as these can all create loud noise disturbances. The behaviour of invited guests to your home is your responsibility.

Never hold a party in your house - meet your friends in town and celebrate special occasions at one of the many bars and clubs available.

Your neighbours may have children or need to get up for work early – please think about how your actions can affect those living around you.


Your Environment

Remember to put your bin and recycling box out on the correct day. Ask your landlord or contact Envirocall if you are unsure when this is. You must also remember to bring your bin and box back in.

U are living in a residential area - inappropriate rubbish disposal will attract vermin as well as make the streets untidy.

Be responsible at all times and pick up rubbish that may blow into your front/back garden/yard.

Be proud of where you live.

If you have concerns about your housemates or any other students who are not respecting their environment - contact

Show some kindness to elderly neighbours and offer a helping hand with their bin/box from time-to-time.

Have a good year living in the community without any problems by following the above guidance.