Alcohol Awareness and Disciplinary Action

The University is very concerned about the increasing culture of excessive alcohol consumption by students.  A good social life is an important part of the student experience and drinking alcohol is for many a daily or binging activity.  Please think very carefully about your alcohol consumption and ensure you are not damaging your health, have addiction issues or are putting yourself at risk. 

Guidance on safety is available at  The Student Wellbeing Service offers guidance on Understanding Alcohol Abuse, which includes advice on sensible drinking limits, helping yourself, helping others and getting support.  See also the full Student Wellbeing Service pages.  The Student's Union also offers advice about safe drinking

Some Tips on Alcohol Consumption:

•     Drink in moderation and do not binge.

•     Always alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks.

•     Never leave a drink unattended and never drink from a drink which has been left unattended.

•     If your drink looks or tastes suspect, do not drink it.

•     Do not accept a drink offered by a stranger.

•     When drinking from a bottle, cover the top with your thumb when it is away from your mouth.

•     Do not mix alcohol with prescription or other drugs.

•     Always eat before you go out.

You should note that the University takes all reports and complaints of noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour very seriously.  From past cases, we know that the majority of inconsiderate and unacceptable behaviour by students living in the community is the result of excessive alcohol consumption.  The University also receives regular Police reports of student arrests and again most of these students have been under the influence of alcohol at the time.  You should ensure you know your limits and remain in control of your actions at all times.  Being under the influence of alcohol is not accepted as a form of defence against disciplinary action. See the Student Disciplinary Procedures.

Please see the other information available regarding discipline at the University.  You may be particularly interested in reading the 'How Misconduct is Deal with', 'Disciplinary Case Studies' and 'Sanctions' pages.

It is noted that initiations and irresponsible drinking can be synonymous.  Initiations are banned by the University and it is likely that anyone found to have organised or participated in an initiation ritual will become the subject of disciplinary action.