Relationships with your Neighbours

Please think about how your actions can affect those living around you. Your neighbours may not be students and may lead a very different lifestyle to you. Develop a respect for each other by following these suggestions.

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours when you first move in.
  • Keep noise under control - the house or flat that you live in is unlikely to have been purpose built for multiple occupation and noise will travel. Use headphones if you like music loud, keep the TV at a reasonable level and keep speakers off the floor if people live below you.
  • Try to organise social events away from your home. If you are holding a party, please let your neighbours know in advance – preferably by letter through their door and a contact number to raise any objection. It is more likely that neighbours will be tolerant if you show consideration and endeavour to provide them with as much detail as possible - how many guests will be attending, the start and end time (you must adhere to this), that you will keep people inside, windows and doors will remain shut and so on. Please ensure you end the party at a reasonable hour and note that the use of DJ decks, amplifiers or other extremely loud or nuisance noise making equipment is not acceptable.
  • Avoid using taxis unless absolutely necessary and do not invite friends to leave in taxis from your house – meet them elsewhere. If you must use a taxi, do not stand on the street talking whilst waiting for it to arrive, stay inside but be ready to leave – if possible watch for the taxi from your window to signal to the taxi driver that you are aware of his arrival and hopefully avoid the need for the horn to be sounded. Remain silent between your house and the taxi and close the car door as quietly as you are able. If returning home by taxi, please ensure that you have your money ready before the taxi reaches your house to enable you to pay quickly as a running engine can disturb people. Close the taxi doors quietly and remain silent until you have entered your house and closed your door.
  • Avoid bringing your car unless it is absolutely essential. If you do have a car, try not to park outside your neighbours’ property.
  • Keep the areas of your property that are visible to neighbours clean and free of rubbish. If you do not have a bin, contact the house owner immediately or obtain one directly from Envirocall.
  • You may receive an invitation to attend a local resident meeting and the University does recommend that you try to attend – this would be an ideal opportunity for you to get to know your neighbours better and to find out about any concerns they may have.