Who are the Visa Team?

The designated student immigration advisers at Newcastle University are Tracey Aston, Kay Broadhurst, Hena Mookerji, and Jamie Stogden. In addition, the designated student immigration advisor at Newcastle University London is Katarina Polova. Please refer to our statement of service (PDF: 291KB) for further information about the services we offer.

The team is based at the Newcastle campus on Level 2, King’s Gate and are available Monday to Friday (apart from university closures) to answer visa queries from prospective and registered non-EEA students.

The team offers Tier 4 and PBS dependant workshops, one-to-one appointments to check Tier 4 general application forms following visa workshops, and a drop-in service for more complex visa issues. We can also be contacted by web enquiry form.

If you need to speak to a member of the Visa Team at a drop-in session, you do not need to make an appointment, but we would ask you to read the Terms and Conditions (PDF: 120KB) of the service carefully.

For students who are studying at Newcastle University London please email if you have any questions.

Special Announcements:

Tier 4 Telephone Scam - Updated October 2016

We have received a notice from the Home Office of a telephone scam targeted at Tier 4 students. The caller may tell you that you have failed to pay for an immigration service or complete the correct paperwork and ask you to pay a fine to remedy this. It may appear genuine as they may be in posession of your full name, address and passport information and be calling from a number that appear on the website. Please note that the Home Office will never phone you to request personal details or make any payments. Please see our information (PDF: 61KB) on what to do if you believe you have received one of these telephone calls.

The Home Office or UKVI will never contact students in this manner and if you receive any communications of have any concerns please speak to the Visa Team.

Briefing for overseas application

The Visa Team will be running a special briefing for students who are in the UK but need to return home to make a new visa application during the summer. Please see our general workshops page for further information.

Right to Rent Legislation

The Right to Rent Legislation came into effect on the 1stFebruary 2016. This should not affect most students who live in university owned or university arranged accommodation. It will however affect those in private accommodation. Further details can be found on the accommodation webpages.

New maintenance for Tier 4 applications

From the 12th November 2015, the maintenance required for a Tier 4 application if you are studying outside London or anywhere else in the UK is £1015 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months of your course of study. The established presence rule will no longer apply, unless you are applying under the Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme. Maintenance for a PBS dependant application is £680 per month.

If you are studying at Newcastle University London the maintenance required for a Tier 4 application is £1265 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months of your course of study. Maintenance for a PBS dependant application is £845 per month.

Immigration Health Surcharge

You may be required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) as part of your visa application. Please see our information sheets on the Immigration Health Surcharge for applicants inside the UK and applicants outside the UK. Please note from 6th April 2016 this will also apply to nationals of Australia and New Zealand, who have previously been exempted.

Important information about our work with the Home Office

The Visa Team will submit appropriate visa applications to the Home Office on behalf of students and follow up such cases with relevant enquiries. The Visa Team can also assist with enquiries about a student's immigration status and assist with corrections where mistakes have been made by the Home Office.

Students approaching the Visa Team for assistance should note that we have no control over visa processing times, or over the length of time it takes the Home Office to correct errors or to respond to enquiries. Where it should prove necessary to submit immigration documents to the Home Office, students should understand that it is not reasonable to make any arrangements which would necessitate use of those documents until they have been returned by the Home Office. The University cannot accept responsibility for any loss incurred by failure to follow this guidance.

Contacted by Capita Connect

We are aware that some students have been contacted by Capita Connect by telephone, text and/or email ( or 0844 375 4636) and being asked to provide evidence that they have made immediate plans to leave the UK since they no longer have leave to remain here. For full details, please visit the Home Office website.


OISC (Office of Immigration Service Commissioners)

The visa advisers at Newcastle University are authorised to provide immigration advice and services as regulated by the Office of Immigration Service Commissioners (OISC). The OISC sets the standards to which services and advice must comply. For further information about the OISC, please see the Office of Immigration Service Commissioners.

Data Protection

Please note that a record of advice given will be noted and recorded electronically on a confidential system. All data is stored in accordance with Newcastle University’s Data Protection policy. For further details, please visit our Data Protection website. In line with our obligations to the Home Office as a Tier 4 licensed sponsor, however, we may be required to share information on specific cases. Please ask the Visa Team for further details.

In the event of an institutional audit by the OISC, your record may be viewed strictly for audit purposes only. Please let your adviser know if you do not wish to have your record used for this purpose.


In the event of a complaint about the service, please refer initially to our Student Complaints Procedure or contact the OISC by e-mailing