Biometric Residence Permit for applications made outside the UK

ArrivalsGrant of your Tier 4 visa and decision letter

Entering the UK with your 30-day visa and collecting your BRP card

Checking your BRP card

Problems or errors on your biometric ID card

Grant of your Tier 4 visa and decision letter

When you apply for your Tier 4 visa application and if successful, you are granted a 30-day visa in the form of a vignette or sticker in your passport. Please check this thoroughly to make sure it is correct and if anything is incorrect contact your local visa application centre before travelling.

You will also be given a decision letter when your Tier 4 visa application is successful. This decision letter will outline the type and condition of visa granted, and which Post Office branch you will be required to collect your BRP card from. It is important that you keep this decision letter and carry it in your hand luggage when travelling to the UK.

Newcastle University students will be required to collect their BRP cards from a designated Post Office. The university will not be providing an Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code. Entry clearance applicants should provide the university's post code to ensure that they are able to collect their BRP card from a local Post Office.

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Entering the UK with your 30-day visa and collecting your BRP card

You must not travel to the UK before the start date of your visa or after the expiry date of your 30 day visa.

When entering the UK, it is advisable that you bring certain documents in your hand luggage to facilitate your entry. It is recommended that you should have with you the following documents at hand to present to the immigration officer at the port of entry:

  • Passport and your 30-day UK visa
  • Decision letter given to you when your UK visa was granted
  • Copy of your TB testing results
  • Evidence of your finances (e.g. bank draft, bank transfer receipts)
  • Evidence of your accommodation and course (e.g. CAS, accommodation contract)

Once you have arrived in the UK, you must collect your BRP card within 10 days of arrival. You must refer to your decision letter to determine where and when you will need to go to collect your BRP card.

At the time of application you may have selected a Post Office branch in Newcastle upon Tyne, it is likely that your decision letter will indicate one of the three participating Post Office branches.

You must take your passport, decision letter and proof of your current UK address to the Post Office to collect your BRP card.
Students aged under 18

If you are not 18 years of age when you are required to collect your BRP card you will normally be contacted by Newcastle University to provide your date of arrival, details on your decision letter and your passport number. If you are not contacted by the university 4 weeks before the start date of your course please email the Visa Team at You can find further details on BRP collection for students aged under 18 in the Home Office guidance.


It is advisable that you, as the main applicant, should accompany your dependants to collect their BRP cards, even if you have not travelled to the UK at the same time. If you have dependant children aged under 18, as the main applicant you will need to nominate yourself as the responsible adult in order to collect their BRP card. Details on how to do this can be found in the Home Office guidance.You need to follow this procedure even if you are the parent of the child.

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Your BRP card

The BRP card is your visa and shows your immigration status and conditions while you are in the UK.

Course registration and ID checking

You will need both your BRP card and passport to register for your course of study. If you are a returning student, you will need to show both your BRP card and passport as part of the ID checking process at the beginning of each academic year.

Checking your BRP card

BRP CardWhen you have collected your BRP card please check it very carefully. The front of the card contains;

  • Your full name
  • Visa expiry date and issue date
  • Type of visa
  • Sponsor licence number
  • Working conditions

You will usually receive an expiry date which includes a period of leave after you finish your studies. For courses over 12 months you will receive an additional 4 months, for courses between 6 and 12 months you will receive an additional 2 months. Students studying Pre-Sessional English will receive 1 month after your course end date.

Your sponsor licence number must read CKTK52NU0 which is Newcastle University’s sponsor licence number, if this number is incorrect you may not be able to register so please contact the Visa Team as soon as possible.

Your working conditions will depend on the level of programme you are studying. For degree level or above you should be given 20 hours per week maximum, for below degree level you should be given 10 hours per week maximum.

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Problems or errors on your biometric ID card

If you believe any of the information on your card is incorrect please speak to the Visa Team urgently. Please do not attempt to correct the errors before speaking to the Visa Team.


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