Friends and Family

Bringing your family to the UK

Friends and FamilyIf you are going to be a student here at Newcastle University you may be eligible to bring your family with you to the UK for the duration of your course of study as a dependant.

If your family is already here with you in the UK, and you are renewing your Tier 4 visa, they may also be allowed to renew their visa as a dependant. Please attend one of our Visa Workshops for further guidance.

Inviting friends and family to the UK

During your stay in the UK you might wish to invite friends or family to visit you (this includes inviting them for your graduation ceremony). Please refer to our guide on Standard Visitor visas on how you can invite them to the UK.

Please note that at present, the information above may only be applicable if you are studying at the Newcastle campus. If you are studying at Newcastle University London, please email

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