What do I need to get a Tier 4 visa?

If your current visa was issued for you to study at a different institution, you will need to apply for a new visa to commence your course at Newcastle University. Please refer to information on switching institution to see how you may be affected by this regulation.

If you are a new student who is already in the UK with a UK visa which allows you to switch into a Tier 4 Student visa, you are strongly encouraged to attend a Visa Workshop as soon as you know you will be accepting the offer to study at Newcastle University or INTO Newcastle. Please ensure your read and understand the information on this page to check if you are eligible to apply for a Tier 4 visa from within the UK.

Please note that the University will not allow you to register for your course if you do not have the correct visa to study at Newcastle University.

Eligibility to apply for a Tier 4 visa from inside the UK

If you fall within any of the category below, you are eligible to renew your Tier 4 visa from within the UK:

  • Currently hold a Tier 4 visa granted for a course of study at a Higher Education Institution (HEI), overseas HEI, embedded college, or independent school; or
    You must check the status of your previous Tier 4 sponsor by looking at the register of Tier 4 sponsors
  • Currently hold a Tier 4 (Child) visa; or
  • Currently on a Tier 2 visa

If you do not fall within any of the above category, you must speak to the Visa Team for further advice.

Important: The Tier 4 sponsor register is updated regularly, and your eligibility may change subject to changes on the list. You cannot renew your visa from within the UK if you have previously studied at a private provider or further education institution.

If you meet the requirements set out above on eligibility to renew your visa in the UK, you must also meet the following requirements if you wish to renew your Tier 4 visa from within the UK:

  • You have successfully completed your previous course of study for which you last Tier 4 visa was granted for AND have received the award or qualification; or
  • You have yet to complete your programme of study but have received confirmation in writing from your current institution which confirms that you are highly likely to complete your course successfully; or
  • You are applying to re-sit your programme of study; or
  • You are applying to complete the PhD/ Doctoral qualification for which you were last given Tier 4 visa.

If you do not meet any of the requirements above, you must speak to the Visa Team for further advice.

Time limits

Degree level study

The Home Office impose strict time limits on the number of years a student can spend in the UK studying at degree level on a student visa. The University may not produce a CAS for any student who would exceed these time limits as the result of a further Tier 4 application.

  • 5/6 years at degree level (with exceptions for Architecture, Medicine, Dentistry and Law*), or;
  • No limits on PhD, postgraduate research qualification or Research master’s Degree (as detailed in the Tier 4 Policy Guidance); but students will not be granted further leave on Tier 4 if they have already completed a course leading to the award of a PhD, Postgraduate research qualification or Research Masters Degree (as detailed in the Tier 4 Policy Guidance) in the UK, if the grant of leave they are seeking will lead to the student spending more than 8 years in the UK as a Tier 4 (General) Migrant, or as a Student.

*If the student is progressing to Common Professional Examination, the Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Practice Course or the Bar Professional Training Course.

Below degree level study

Students studying on a programme below degree level is allowed to spend no more than 2 years as a Tier 4 (General) migrant.

For both degree level and below degree level study, time spent in the UK as a Tier 4 (Child), or a Tier 4 (General) student aged 16 ir 17 years does not count towards these time limits.

Please ensure that you read full details in the Tier 4 Policy Guidance.

In order to get a Tier 4 visa, you will need:

Additional requirements

  • Before beginning the process, you should first read the Tier 4 Policy Guidance thoroughly.
  • Before a CAS can be produced, students need to show that they have appropriate English Language Skills.
  • Your CAS will show a list of qualifications used to assess your eligibility for your course. Original certificates/transcripts of these qualifications must be submitted with your Tier 4 application.
  • Students studying some science, engineering or medical programmes at postgraduate level may be subject to ATAS clearance. If your offer letter or CAS states that you require ATAS clearance, please make an application through the FCO website as soon as possible, as it can take up to 6 weeks for an ATAS certificate to be issued.
  • You will need to submit your current passport and any expired passports containing your UK entry clearance.
  • You will need to submit your biometric residence permit if you have one.
  • All Tier 4 and PBS Dependant applications have to be completed online. You are also strongly advised to attend a Visa Team Tier 4 Workshop before completing your application form.

Important things to remember

All documents must be original. Copies and scans of documents will not be accepted.

Any documents not in English, must be accompanied by a professional translation in accordance with the Tier 4 Policy Guidance.

Any currency amounts stated on documents must be converted in the pounds sterling using the OANDA website. The converted amount must be written clearly on the document.

Please note: the Visa Advisers cannot accept applications through the Student Batch Service for visas which have already expired.

For terms and conditions of use of the University’s visa renewal Service, please read the Agreement for student visa renewal (PDF: 27KB).

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