How can I renew my Student Visa

As present, you can apply for your Tier 4 visa using the 'Print and Send' application or the fully 'Online' application. As we anticipate that the 'print and send' method of application will be redundant soon, we would encourage all students to use the fully 'Online' application. You will use the same form even if you intend to make a same-day appointment at a Home Office 'Public Enquiry Office'. Paper applications will no longer be accepted. Payment made online using 'Print and Send'does not mean that your application is submitted. The date of application is the date when you send the 'Print and Send' form along with all the relevant supporting documents by post.

Students are strongly advised to attend a Tier 4 Visa Workshop and attend an appointment with the Visa Team before completing the Tier 4 application process. If your visa application is rejected or refused as a result of having completed the process incorrectly, your registration at the University is at risk.

Special Announcements:

Photocopies of application documents: it is compulsory for visa applicants to keep a photocopy of every document that has been / is due to be submitted as part of their visa application (this includes passport, current visa, bank statements etc... as well as a copy of the fully completed visa application form). You must bring these photocopies with you to your appointment with a Visa Adviser.

Visa Workshops

If your visa is due to expire within the next 3 months OR you are re-registering on a new programme you will need to attend a Visa Workshop. We run separate Visa Workshops for students taking INTO courses and Newcastle University courses. Ensure that you are aware when your visa expires and attend a Workshop at least 8 weeks before the expiry date (or as soon as possible in relation to changing programmes).

Details of Visa Workshop dates, venues and times can be accessed by selecting a logo in the flow-chart below.

INTO Visa Workshop

Non-INTO visa workshops

Flow Chart for Workshop Bookings

Please note: the Visa Advisers cannot accept applications through the Student Batch Service for visas which have already expired.

For terms and conditions of use of the University’s Student Batch Service, please read the Agreement for student visa renewal (PDF: 27KB).