INTO Visa Workshop

Tier 4 Visa Workshops are open to all non-EEA students currently registered at INTO Newcastle University or those holding recent valid offers of a place at INTO Newcastle University. You will be required to show your SMART card or offer letter when signing in for the workshop. Please attend a Visa Workshop at least 8 weeks before your visa expires.

Next INTO Visa Workshops

Wednesday 15 April 2015 2pm - 4pm Room 1.48 Barbara Strang Teaching Centre

(These sessions are for "INTO" students only; please see relevant page for all general University students).

Attending the Visa Workshop:

  1. You will be sent an e-mail to your University e-mail account approximately two weeks before the date of the Visa Workshop that you are required to attend or if you have cancelled your course at INTO, and intend to start a new course either at INTO or Newcastle University, you must arrange to attend the relevant visa workshop.
  2. These Workshops are compulsory. You have permission from INTO to miss any lecture that you might have on that day to attend the Workshop in question. If you wanted to attend an earlier Workshop than that which you have been allocated or if you have not been contacted to attend the workshop, please make sure that you arrive 5 minutes before the start of the session and bring this to the attention of the Visa Team. If you choose to do this you must contact INTO prior to the Workshop to let them know that you will be attending or you will be marked as absent from your classes).
  3. Register yourself on the Home Office website, making a careful note of your username, password and memorable name.
    This guidance (PDF: 550KB) will assist you.
  4. Bring with you the visa renewal workbook. You will receive further instructions in an email on where to obtain this workbook. You will need this at the workshop to guide you through the application process.
  5. For students with Dependant(s) applying at the same time only - Print and bring with you the Dependant form.
  6. Print and bring with you a copy of the Home Office photograph guidance (PDF: 318KB).

Please ensure that you arrive on time for the start of the Workshop or you may not be allowed to enter.

You must bring with you a copy of the Tier 4 (G) policy guidance, which you can download at

You must attend a Tier 4 Workshop if you want to send your Tier 4 application through the University or if you would like a Visa Adviser to check your Tier 4 application for you.

The Visa Team are unable to check application forms at drop-in sessions.