Special Announcement for Libyan and Japanese Students

Nationals of Libya and Japan who have visa concerns as a result of the current ongoing situations in their respective countries are advised to seek advice from the Visa Team as soon as possible.

The UK Border Agency has so far confirmed that it will take in to consideration the current difficulties in Libya when deciding the outcome of Tier 4 applications where students might not be able to provide appropriate financial evidence or who may not be able to return home at this time in order to renew their visas. Any Tier 4 applications made in the UK may need supporting documentation from the Visa Team, so it would be beneficial for such students to contact us as soon as possible.

The UK Border Agency has yet to announce any concessions to Japanese students, but those who are affected by the recent earthquake and who have concerns about their visas should contact the Visa Team anyway to explore any possible support.

The Visa Team drop-in times are detailed in 'When are we available?', but any students with emergency situations should contact us by e-mail or telephone in the first instance.