Welcome to the Writing Development Centre

 Established in 2007, the Writing Development Centre offers expert advice and guidance on a wide variety of academic skills, including writing for assessment. Our team of tutors offer one-to-one tutorials, workshops and online resources to help you develop as a successful independent learner and fulfil your potential.

  • Understanding assignment types, questions, instructions and marking criteria (including unusual assignment types)
  • Critical thinking, critiquing and reviewing literature
  • Note-taking from lectures and reading
  • Planning and structuring writing (incl. paragraphing)
  • Academic writing style (incl fundamentals of grammar)
  • Understanding and using feedback to improve your work
  • Referencing, citing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Managing time, work and writing (incl. writers block and procrastination)
  • Exams and Revision
  • Managing research projects, dissertations and theses
  • Presentations and posters
  • Learning effectively in lectures, seminars, classes, labs etc

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If you are a member of academic staff in one of the Faculties, we also offer a range of services for your students which are integrated with your teaching.

The Writing Development Centre is based in the Robinson Library. We are open every weekday, 9-5, and are also available throughout vacations.


User comments on the Writing Development Centre

  • The one-to-one service was good and helped me to understand what lecturers look for in an essay. (Undergraduate student)
  • It’s difficult to see how those trying to get things published for the first time could not benefit from this service, and it is also excellent for improving writing generally. (PhD student)
  • I was very impressed with the support I received. I was given useful tips, feedback and resources to access which I could refer to in the future.
  • I have already recommended this service to others and would definitely use it again.
  • Excellent! Not only did the appointments help with my essays, but also with my confidence in writing them.
  • Very helpful advice on writing! Can also help in reducing stress before handing in assignments.