About us

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Established in 2007, the Writing Development Centre offers expert advice and guidance on a wide variety of academic skills, including writing for assessment. Our team of tutors offer one-to-one tutorials, workshops and online resources to help you develop as a successful independent learner and fulfil your potential. Our provision is confidential, non-judgemental and tailored to the level of study and the subject discipline.

  • Understanding assignment types, questions, instructions and marking criteria (including unusual assignment types)
  • Critical thinking, critiquing and reviewing literature
  • Note-taking from lectures and reading
  • Planning and structuring writing (incl. paragraphing)
  • Academic writing style (incl fundamentals of grammar)
  • Understanding and using feedback to improve your work
  • Referencing, citing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Managing time, work and writing (incl. writers block and procrastination)
  • Exams and Revision
  • Managing research projects, dissertations and theses
  • Presentations and posters
  • Learning effectively in lectures, seminars, classes, labs etc


For more information about developing your academic skills and the advice and guidance available across Newcastle University, visit the Academic Skills Kit