Academic Skills Sessions

Our sessions are delivered by the team of Writing Development Centre tutors, who have expertise in study skills, academic and assessment literacies and an understanding of the pedagogy which underpins learning, teaching and assessment in UK Higher Education.

We aim to make our sessions as interactive and tailored as possible, as the study skills we teach are best grasped by putting them into practice, working with authentic, subject-specific materials in a supportive, non-judgemental environment where strategies can be reflected on and discussed with peers at the point in the curriculum when they are relevant.

Our provision includes workshops of an hour or longer, interactive lectures of an hour, and induction sessions of up to 30 mins. We are also happy to explore other formats on request, such as webinar, panel discussions or co-taught classes. Please note that during the first two weeks of term, we are only able to offer the short induction session as part of Schools' programmes (with the exception of distance learning programmes). We recommend that further sessions are run closely in conjunction with assessment, for example, just after essays etc have been set, so that students are able to make sense of and put strategies into context and practice at the point of need.

Workshop Booking Form

To ensure that our provision is tailored as precisely to student need as possible, our menu of sessions includes the following topics. We are able to customise these for your students on request:

First year Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students:

  • Induction: transition to study and working with the WDC (up to 30 mins)
  • Approaching Your First Assignment: Thinking Critically and Independently
  • Approaching Your First Assignment: Authorial Voice and Academic Writing Style

Second-Final year Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students:

  • Stepping Up: Enhancing Your Work at the Next Level
  • Approaching Your Dissertation: Proposals, Planning and Structure
  • Reading for Your Dissertation: Reviewing and Critiquing Literature
  • Writing Your Dissertation: Developing and Editing for Authorial Voice and Academic Style

For all students:

  • Citation, Referencing, and Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Exams and Revision
  • Writing a [specific types of assignment]. Examples might include reports, posters, reflective writing, blogs, etc.

For Postgraduate Research Students:

We run a number of sessions as part of the Faculties' programmes. Please contact us to discuss how we can contribute to your programme.

For more details of the content of these sessions, please see our full menu. We are happy to customise provision for your students and focus more on specific aspects within these topics as needed. To enable us to tailor provision effectively for your students, we welcome any relevant information and material about students' needs and about the context, which might include:

  • an overview of the main issues which arise in your experience of marking assignments
  • course or module handbooks, or other School guidance
  • samples of student work (of mixed levels)
  • sample assessment tasks and marking criteria
  • samples of typical staff feedback
  • an indication of any relevant deadlines and student progress towards an assignment

Do contact us if you are not sure which materials we might need.

To request a session, please indicate your requirements using our booking form. The information we request will help us to tailor the session to your students' needs. If you would like further information or to discuss our provision before making a booking, please contact us.