Workshops with the WDC are a little different from the lectures or seminars you might be used to. The best way to learn a new skill or try out a range of strategies is to put it into practice. That's why our workshop sessions aren't classes or lectures - our role is to offer guidance on ways to improve your study and give you an opportunity to experiment with new strategies in a student-centred, supportive and non-judgemental space. You're the expert in your subject and in what works for you, and our sessions also include plenty of discussion, both with our tutors and with other students, to share ideas, help you explore an issue, ask questions, suggest new approaches and how they might work for you.

If you attend one of our workshops, expect plenty of activities and discussion! You can also find slides and other materials after each session on Slideshare.

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New skills and strategies are best explored in context of what you're studying, so we try to time our sessions at appropriate times of year. Sessions are stand-alone so you can select the ones which apply to you at a particular time; we don't offer a series of classes as we find this is too inflexible and doesn't put you at the centre of the process. If you'd like to explore any of the issues raised in a workshop in more depth, you are welcome to book an individual tutorial with one of our tutors.

We try to anticipate the topics which are most appropriate for the majority of students, and welcome suggestions as to the timing of sessions, or new topics you'd like us to offer.

If you have comments or questions about workshop provision, please email us.