Family and Friends

Introduction to university life

The transition to university life can be challenging for both students and parents. If your child is living independently for the first time you may be concerned about their wellbeing. There are steps you can take to help support your friend or family member at this time:

  • Prepare them for student life with basic skills such as budgeting and cooking
  • Encourage independence by directing them to the support available
  • Urge them to register with a GP
  • Stay in contact but let them settle into their new life too
  • Encourage them to become involved in campus life

Specific Support

The transition may be more difficult if your friend or family member already has specialist learning difficulties, has experienced mental health problems or other form of disability. Due to confidentiality we cannot disclose any information at all to you about your friend or family member. If however you are very worried you can ring and give us information, though we cannot then discuss how we are going to respond to it. We can also reassure you that support is available and we would urge you to speak to your friend or family and encourage them to contact us.

For information on what you can do to offer support, please click here.

Consultancy for parents, family and friends

Consultancy is an advice and signposting service, operated by qualified SWS professionals, for those who are concerned about the mental health of a Newcastle University student.

If you are parent, family member or friend of a Newcastle University student whose mental health you are concerned about, you can contact Student Wellbeing who will be able to advise and/or signpost you in the right direction.

We are sometimes asked whether a son or daughter, or friend, has contacted our service. We understand your concern but hope you will understand that we cannot give this information to you without a student’s express permission. Nor can we make contact with a student following your concerns. Instead, we would recommend that you encourage them to contact us.

When a student wants to access support from Student Wellbeing, they can make an appointment for an Initial Assessment which is conducted by a member of our Therapy Team. This is the way students can access therapeutic help.


Student Wellbeing is not an emergency service. If you are seriously concerned about the welfare or safety of a Newcastle University student, you or they should contact the appropriate emergency services.

A list of external support links and help lines can be found here.