Working with Students in Distress

In your professional role within the University it is likely that, at some time, you will be faced with a student who is distressed or vulnerable. On most occasions, although the situation may be very distressing for the student at the time, it will not be an urgent matter.

See the Responding to Distressed Students - a guide for staff for advice on how to respond to a student who may be distressed or vulnerable.

If the student needs support but there is no immediate risk or concern, signpost to our online information and resources.

Concerned about a Student

If you have a concern that a student’s mental health or emotional difficulties are having a serious negative impact on their wellbeing, encourage them to contact the Student Wellbeing Service to request an assessment appointment.

If you are a member of Newcastle University staff and you have a high concern about the mental health of a student, and feel they may be at risk of harming themselves or someone else, you can contact the Student Wellbeing Service on + 44 (0) 191 208 3333 for advice.

It is possible to discuss these situations without naming the student.  If a student you have consulted us about then contacts the Student Wellbeing Service, they will be seen by a different member of staff from the one who has spoken to you due to confidentiality (PDF: 109KB) and ethical practice.

In an Emergency

The Student Wellbeing Service is not an emergency service. 

If you think a student may be at immediate risk of harming themselves or someone else (ie threatening to take their own life or the life of another person), contact the emergency services immediately, either directly on 999 or through University Security on their emergency number + 44 (0) 191 208 6666.

See our emergency and out of hours contacts page and flow chart for more information.