Working with Students in Distress

Student Wellbeing Advisers and Counsellors are available to offer consultation to any member of staff who needs advice or information about the services and support that we offer students.

If you have any concerns about emotional, personal or psychological problems that are affecting either a student’s academic progress or their general wellbeing we can help you deal with this.

It is possible to discuss these situations without naming the student.

If a student you have consulted us about then contacts Student Wellbeing, because of confidentiality (PDF: 109KB) and ethical practice, they will be seen by a different member of staff from the one who has spoken to you.

If a student is in extreme emotional distress and causing concern advise the student to:

If you are very concerned or the student feels unable to do this themselves, do this on their behalf.

Please also refer to: Responding to Distressed Students: A Guide for Staff (PDF: 543 KB)

Urgent action is required by you if the student:

  • may be at risk of harming themselves or others
  • seems disoriented and out of touch with reality
  • is exhibiting bizarre behaviour which is out of character

Contact one of the following:

If the student is aggressive or threatening and uncooperative, contact:

  • University Security Service -0191 222 6817
  • Police - 999

Acute medical or psychiatric emergency,eg an overdose, contact:

  • ambulance - 999

Help out of office hours