Lori Henderson
Clerical Assistant


Previously to joining Newcastle University in 2008 and UCAN in 2011, I worked in Quality Assurance in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Project Management as a Project Administrator.


Roles and Responsibilities

My duties and responsibilities are:-

  • To arrange Study Needs Assessment appointment for all DSA entitled HEI student regardless of which institution they attend or will attend.

  • Collection of all relevant documentation from students so that Assessors can prepare for the student’s study needs assessment appointment.

  • Sending the study needs assessment report to the student, DSA provider and their Disability Advisor.

  • Documenting and collation any subsequent queries.

  • Ensuring UCAN meets monthly and yearly targets for DSA-QAG (Disabled Student Allowance – Quality Assurance Guidelines) and yearly Audit by DSA-QAG’s representative.