Financial Assistance Fund

The Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) is provided by the University to help registered international and non-UK EU students who are facing unexpected financial difficulties. Applicants must be able to show that their financial difficulties have arisen through unforeseen and exceptional circumstances. (It is a condition of registering at the University that students have ensured adequate funds for tuition fees/living expenses for their whole period of study), in addition to meeting the other eligibility criteria of the fund.

Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) awards and loans are provided on a discretionary basis by the University to help international and non-UK EU students in financial hardship. The Fund supports students who are in serious and unexpected financial difficulties due to circumstances beyond their control. The Fund offers small loans or awards to cover short-term difficulties.

Students should not apply to the Fund until they have first explored other ways of supporting themselves. The Fund does not provide bursaries or scholarships to overseas students or funds to cover fee payments or major shortfalls in funding.

If you are a final year student planning to attend your congregation and are worried about covering the cost of attending you may also be eligible to apply for assistance to help cover the cost of academic dress and a photography bundle.

FAF cannot be used to pay tuition fees or repay student debts.

Due to the discretionary nature of FAF there is no guarantee that each applicant will receive funding; there is no entitlement or automatic right to funding from FAF and awards are based on the individual situation of each applicant.

Successful applicants can be receive either a non-repayable award or a loan. Loans will be issued where the applicant has a temporary cash flow problem.