Students from Northern Ireland

A maintenance grant is available to help full-time higher education students from Northern Ireland. The grant is income assessed so if you want to be assessed for a grant you must supply your assessment authority with information about your household income. The amount of grant you will receive will depend on the level of your household income and your year of entry.

The grant is non-repayable and can be applied for at the same time as applying for a student maintenance loan, using the same application form.

2014/15 Rates

The maximum grant available for new students from Northern Ireland in 2014/15 is £3,475. The amount you are eligible to receive will depend upon your household income.

  • Household income is £19,203 or less - a full grant of £3,475
  • Household income is between £19,204 & £41,065 – a partial grant
Special Support Grant

For certain groups of students such as those who meet the conditions for being a ‘prescribed person’ under the Income Support or Housing Benefit Regulations the special support grant replaces the maintenance grant. Students who are likely to qualify for this grant include:

  • single parents
  • other student parents if they have a partner who is also a student
  • students with certain disabilities

If a student receives a special support grant no substitution of the maintenance loan will take place.

To find out more about these grants take a look at the Student Finance Northern Ireland website.