Bursaries for living costs

A bursary is available to help full-time higher education students from Scotland with their living costs. The bursary is non-repayable and can be applied for at the same time as applying for a student maintenance loan using the same application form. Depending on the total of your and your household’s income, you may be eligible to apply for a bursary. There are currently two bursaries available:

  • Young Students’ Bursary
  • Independent Students’ Bursary

2015/16 Rates

Young Students' Bursary
Household income Bursary
£0 to £16,999 £1,750
£17,000 to £23,999
£24,000 to £33,999
£34,000 and above
Independent Students' Bursary

You will be eligible to apply for the Independent Students’ Bursary of £750 a year if your household income is £16,999 or less a year.

To find out more about this bursary take a look at the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.