Funding for students undertaking a part-time course

For new undergraduate students who commenced a part-time course from September 2012

Fee Loan

New part-time undergraduate students from England can apply for a government loan to help them cover the cost of their tuition fees. You must be studying a minimum of 25% of the full-time equivalent course each year for the duration of the course to be eligible. There is no funding available to help new part-time students with living or course related costs.


You do not need to start repaying your loan until 4 years after you start your course or the April after you leave your course, whichever is sooner- and only when you are earning over £21,000. Repayments are usually automatically deducted from your salary. Any loan outstanding after 30 years will be written off. Interest on your loan will be charged at the rate of inflation (RPI) plus 3% whilst you are studying at university. Once you leave your course the amount of interest applied to your loan will depend on how much you are earning.

Earnings Interest
£21,000 or less RPI Only
£21,000 - £41,000 sliding scale up to a maximum of RPI +3%
£41,000 or more RPI + 3%

See the detailed guide for more information (PDF:361KB)

For undergraduate students who commenced a part-time course before September 2012

If you are a continuing part-time undergraduate students you will not be eligible to apply for a tuition fee loan but you may be able to apply for a non-repayable Fee Grant and Course Grant. The amount you will be eligible to receive will depend upon the intensity of your course, household income and personal circumstances.

Course Grant

The maximum Course Grant available for 2013/14 is £265.

2013/14 maximum rates
Household Income
Course Grant
Up to £26,029 £265
Between £26,030 and £28,065 £50-£265
over £28,065 No Grant
Fee Grant

The maximum Fee Grant available for 2013/14 is £1,230. This grant is paid directly to the University. You must be studying at least 50% equivalent to a full-time course.

2013/14 maximum rates
Household Income
Fee Grant
Up to £ £16,845 £820 - £1230
£16,846 to £25,420 £770 - 1,180
over £28,065 £0

A separate application for a Course and Fee Grant must be made in each academic year.

Arrangements for students from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are different.