Institute for Sustainability

Staff Profile

Dr Lisa Bunclark

Research Coordinator


In my role as Research Coordinator within the Institute for Sustainability I work across the university to help to develop, coordinate and maximise the impact of interdisciplinary research  to address key global research challenges related to sustainability. My main tasks include:

  • Supporting key academic staff in the development of strategies for addressing the Institute’s Research Challenges
  • Proactively establishing and maintaining key links with academic and research staff engaged in  relevant research and with external stakeholders in order to facilitate collaborative activity
  • Assisting academic staff to prepare interdisciplinary research proposals relevant to the research challenges
  • Coordinating activities and events designed to encourage interdisciplinary research between academic and research staff from different disciplines, building capacity and developing new research activity

Although I am interested and work on all aspects of sustainable development, my main skills and experience relate to water resources management, small-scale farming, rural livelihoods, community-based approaches and socio-technical approaches, with an emphasis on developing countries.

Relevant experience:

  • International Consultant at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - development, coordination and implementation of agricultural water management projects across Africa and the Middle East, policy advice for national governments
  • Research Assistant for Water Harvesting Technologies Revisited (WHaTeR) in School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Newcastle University - data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Academic Community Coordinator at Engineers Without Borders UK - training, networking, communications


  • 2015: Ph.D  in Sustainable Rural Livelihoods and Agricultural Water Management (Newcastle University)
  • 2010: MA in Development Studies (University of East Anglia)
  • 2007: MEng in Civil Engineering (Imperial College London)