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Professor Tony Roskilly

Associate Director


Tony Roskilly is a Professor of Marine Engineering based within the School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Newcastle University and has particular interests in energy systems, including (but not limited to) in a marine context. He is also currently Dean of Research for the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering (SAgE) and Director of the Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research.

Tony has been involved with NIReS since it's inception, acting as our Director of Research until his appointment in January 2014 as Associate Director.

In this new role, Tony works closely alongside the Institute's Director, Professor Phil Taylor, and our other Associate Directors to help formulate the Institute's strategy and provide strategic direction.

As an Associate Director, Tony also takes an active role in NIReS funding decisions and, as an ambassador for sustainability research at Newcastle, works to identify and develop collaborative relationships with our key external partners.



Research Interests

CHP, Trigeneration & Energy Storage
Renewable thermal energy system design
Alternative fuel use (Biofuel and Hydrogen)
Engine thermal overload prediction
Dynamic modelling and control of complex systems.
System identification, modelling and control.
Intelligent decision making and control.
Marine propulsion safety, environmental impact, efficiency and operation.

Current Work

Ground source heat pump development

Organic Rankine cycle low grade energy recovery

Cogeneration of cooling and power

CHP, Trigeneration and Energy Storage

Thermal energy management in process industries

Biofuels, hydrogen, and other alternative fuel use in power plants.

Energy demand reduction through digital innovation.

Free piston engine for CHP, automotive and marine applications.

Power plant healthcare provision and planning using advanced condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and intelligent decision making tools.

Underwater robot for hull cleaning and integrity monitoring.

Marine power and propulsion development

Research Roles

Dean of Research, Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering

Director of Research, Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability

Director, Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Research on Energy

Postgraduate Supervision

Enhanced power generation using oil palm and oil bean wastes

Development of Piston Motion Control Strategy of a Spark Ignition Free-Piston Linear Generator Engine Transforming Energy Demand in Commercial Buildings through Digital Innovation

Energy Management in Food Processing

Design of combined cooling and power system

Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Organic Rankine Cycle Using Geothermal Energy

Thermal Conductivity of multi-salt and performance of scroll expander for cogeneration cycle

Design and analysis of a hydrogen fuelled engine

Management and Control of Trigeneration with energy storage

Trigeneration system performance using bio-oil

Optimisation of Trigeneration system with energy storage

Development of a solar driven organic ranking cycle for power generation

Monitoring and detection of cylinder liner scuffing

Magnetic sensing system for position tracking and hull integrity analysis

Control of active roll stabilisation systems

Marine Electrical Power Systems fault diagnosis

Bio-oil production from crops cultivation in hash environments

Optical positioning and navigation system for a hull roaming robotic machine

An investigation into the free-piston engine concept and its potential for high efficiency and low power generation

Monitoring of large slow speed diesel engine thermal overload

Reciprocating Joule Cycle Engine Design and Construction

Sulphur Emission Control Area monitoring

Air Independent Power System Design for Naval and Offshore Applications

Energy Storage Systems for the All Electric Ship

Intelligent Control of Electric Propulsion Systems

Ambient Fluid Hydraulic Actuation System Design for Underwater Applications

Investigation into the Atomisation of Plant Based Oils

Determination of optimum level of predicted maintenance for power generating equipment

Dynamic Modelling and Control of Marine Medium Speed Diesel Engines using Artificial Neural Networks

Time-domain Motion Simulation of Multi-hulls in the Presence of Active Control Surfaces

Generic System Modelling and Controller Design for Modular Robotic Machines

Intelligent control of a hydraulic actuation system

Neural Network fault diagnosis of marine fuel pumps

Control of Fully Submerged Hydrofoil Craft using Acceleration Feedback Methods to Improve Performance in High Sea States

Marine Diesel Engine Component Handling and Supply for Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance

Control Systems in Underwater Applications

An examination of an integrated protection and control system for use in an all-electric warship

Artificial Neural Network Safety Jacket Study

Esteem Indicators

Member of the Technical Committee for Marine Systems, International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).

Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST).

Subject Editor, Applied Energy Journal, Elsevier (2012 – to date)

Editorial Board member, Applied Energy Journal, Elsevier (2011 – to date)

Guest Editor Special issue: Sustainable thermal energy management in the process industries, Applied Energy, Volume 89, Issue 1, January 2012

Editor, Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology, Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, ISSN 146-1548. (2002-2010)

Associate Editor, Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, ISSN 1475-0902. (2002-2010)

Editorial Board member, Journal of Marine Design and Operations, Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (2002-2008)

IMarEST Professional Affairs & Education Committee (1996 - to date)

IMarEST& RINA North East Coast Joint Branch (2006 - to date)

IMarEST Fellow of Council (1994 - 2011)

IMarEST Proceedings Supervisory Board (2002 - 2010)

IMarEST Events Control Board (2002 - 2006)

IMarEST Finance & General Purposes Committee - Executive (1999 - 2003)

IMarEST Technical Papers and Conferences Committee (1996 – 2002)

Technical Committee for Marine Systems, International Federation of Automatic Control (2002-to date).

External Examiner Warsash Marine School-Southampton-Solent University (2009 - to-date)

Research Funding

Current Funding:
Sustainable Energy China-UK Research Engagement (EPSRC £500,000)

Inomanship - Innovative Energy Management System for Cargo Ship (EU FP7 £500,000)

ULYSSES – Ultra Low Spped Ships (EU FP7 £290,000)

TEFLES—TEchnologies and scenarios For Low Emissions Shipping (EU FP7 £325,000)

Building Management linking Energy Demand, Distributed Conversion and Storage using Dynamic Modelling and a Pervasive Sensor Infrastructure (EPSRC £626,885)

Centre for CHP, Trigeneration and Energy Storage (EU-ERDF £811,822)

Recent Funding:

Thermal Energy Management for process industries (EPSRC £299,863)

Process Industries Thermal Energy Management Network (EPSRC £156,205)

Biofuel Micro-Trigeneration with Cryogenic Energy Storage (EPSRC £668,499)

Adsorption and resorption cycle (EU FP7 €135,145)

Power Optimised Ship for Environment with Electric Innovative Design On board (EU FP7 ~£76,000)


Linear heat engine. GB0905959.3. (Pending)

Four stroke cycle free-piston engine. GB0907576.3. (Pending)

Apparatus for determining the position of a movable apparatus PCT/GB2006/002713

Control system suitable for glassware forming machine WO/1994/022777

Control of plungers in glassware forming machines WO/1994/0227776


Postgraduate Teaching

  • SPG8095 Renewable Energy: Masters Project & Report (Module Leader 60 Credits)

  • MAR8101 Advanced Marine Engineering Design (Module Leader 10 Credits)

  • MAR8103 Marine Systems Identification, Modelling and Control (Module Leader 10 Credits)