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7th International Conference on Environmental Future

The Foundation for Environmental Conservation's 7th International Conference on Environmental Future: Humans and Island Environments

Date/Time: 16 - 20 April 2018

Venue: Honolulu, Hawaii, venue to be confirmed

The International Conferences on Environmental Future (ICEFs) are a distinguished series, the first of which preceded the historic 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. They are organised by the Foundation for Environmental Conservation, which also manages the journal Environmental Conservation.

7th ICEF: Humans and island environments

Islands have played a fundamental part in the development of many fields of research and understanding. Journeys to islands helped bring forth theories of evolution, island biogeography and island biology.

The 7th ICEF aims to provide a forum for discussion and debate on the current and future issues surrounding island environments, bringing together islanders, researchers, managers and NGOs from a broad array of disciplines and fields. The underlying questions are:

  • How have islands aided our understanding of human-environment interactions? 
  • What are the latest directions in island biological and cultural conservation? 
  • Where should island conservation efforts be focused? and, 
  • What conservation lessons do islands have for the rest of the world?