The Institute for Sustainability provides leadership and innovation in sustainability research and demonstration with a focus on research excellence, interdisciplinarity and practical engaged solutions to real-world sustainability issues. A hallmark of the Institute’s activities is to bridge boundaries and be highly collaborative internally, within the University, and externally with Industry, academia, policymakers and communities both in the UK and internationally.

Through the available funding mechanisms and package of services, the Institute for Sustainability aims to foster and promote new or emerging collaborations and partnerships thatcross traditional discipline and school boundaries.

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Approach to research Through to Areas of Research Excellence Through to Demonstrator Projects THrough to Partners information Through to Research Challenges

The Institute for Sustainability draws upon its areas of established research excellence to:

  • apply research efforts around three global research challenges
  • support internal and collaborating partners to identify and initiate interdisciplinary practical engaged solutions to real-world sustainability issues
  • be implemented in demonstration projects
  • inform the development of the areas of research excellence

To date it has acted to develop and strengthen relationships which support regional, national and international interdisciplinary research relating to sustainability.