'No consideration of sustainability or sustainable development would be effective without coordinated, cohesive consideration of transport-related issues. Transport systems are major emitters of greenhouse gases and 95% of energy used in transport systems currently comes from petroleum. To truly find a way of achieving Enough, For All, Forever, we need first to find better ways of providing sustainable, inclusive and secure transport systems.'

Academic Lead: Mark Robinson, School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

At Newcastle, we have transport technology research expertise in all modes but particularly in marine technology, rail technology, low-carbon vehicles and intelligent transport. We are using this expertise to address transport issues regionally, nationally and internationally in a more coordinated and cohesive way, adding greater value, knowledge and breadth to the research, industrial collaborations, consultancy and support of policy agendas.

Greener Transport Greener Transport:
People and freight are travelling more, further and faster every day, and the environmental cost is high (and not simply the contribution to climate change). The energy cost is high also, and natural resources (coal, oil, gas and even uranium) are finite and increasingly subject to political control. Greener Transport at Newcastle University focuses on developing technologies to lower this environmental cost and drain on resources.
Safe and Secure Transport Safe and Secure Transport:
To meet the demand for increased capacity in all modes of transport (road, rail, maritime, air) without compromising the safety, reliability and resilience of transport systems, research needs to focus on reliable infrastructure, crashworthy vehicles and vessels and rapid effective response to accidents.
Intelligent Transport Intelligent Transport:
Increasingly over recent years, when considering transport policy and challenges, government has referred to the role that technology can play in assisting with innovative solutions. In any transport mode, communications and information technology is now embedded, this is known as ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems.
Seamless and Inclusive Transport Seamless and Inclusive Transport:
To bring together research strengths across various disciplines to focus on seamless and inclusive passenger and freight transport.

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