Professor Paul Younger
Visiting Fellow


Hydrogeologist and Environmental Engineer, with particular expertise in mining environmental management and geothermal energy.

Roles and Responsibilities

Public Orator of Newcastle University (2005 - 2010)


C.Sci., C.Geol., C.Eng.
PhD Water Resources Engineering (Newcastle)
MSc Hydrogeology (Oklahoma State University)
BSc Hons (1st Class) Geology (Newcastle)

Previous Positions

Hydrogeologist, National Rivers Authority (UK), 1989 - 1991.
Hydrogeologist, Centro YUNTA, La Paz, Bolivia, 1991 - 1992.
Lecturer, Dept of Civil Engineering, Univ of Newcastle, 1992 - 2000.
Reader, Dept of Civil Engineering, Univ of Newcastle, 2001 - 2002.
Professor since August 2002.
PVC Engagement 2008-2010.
Director NIReS 2010-2012.



Honours and Awards

Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher Education, 2005: Leader of team which prepared winning submission for Univ of Newcastle
Conservation Award 1998 (UK).

Research Interests

Environmental Engineer and Hydrogeologist.
Specialist expertise in:
(i) Mine water management
(ii) Development and sustainable use of geothermal resources

Other Expertise

Low carbon technologies, including in situ exploitation of coal
Water resources technology for developing countries
Corporate Social Responsibility
National and international policy development for robust management of natural resources

Esteem Indicators

- Invited speaker: Wetland treatment at extremes of pH. Stanford University, April 2006.
- Invited Plenary Speaker: 7th ICARD (International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage), St Louis (MO), March 2006
- Invited Speaker: SIM, Paris, Jan 2006: Traitement des eaux de mine par lagunes a macrophytes.
- Invited Speaker: English Partnerships National Traning Day on Contaminated Land Remediation Technologies, London, Dec 2005.
- Invited Speaker: CL:AIRE Workshop Tackling contaminated Land in Wales, November 2005
- Invited Lecturer: UNESCO IHP VI: Workshop on groundwater - surface water interactions and nutrient behaviour in river corridors. June 2005.
- 10th Annual British Columbia ML/ARD Workshop, Vancouver, British Columbia, Dec 2004.
- Invited Speaker: CL:AIRE Annual Project Conference, University College London, UK, 2004.
- Invited Speaker, European Commission Mines and Quarries Conference, Lago d'Orta, Italy 2003.
- Invited Speaker: CL:AIRE Annual Project Conference 2003, 31st March 2003, University College, London.
- Invited Keynote Speaker: Land reclamation - extending the boundaries. Runcorn, September 2002.
- Keynote Plenary Speaker: International Mine Water Association, Freiberg, 2002.
- Invited Speaker: Earth Alert 2 Conference, Geologists' Association, Scarborough, UK, 24 - 26 August 2002
- Scott Simpson Lecturer 2002, the Ussher Society, St Austell. Jan 2002.
- Invited Speaker: CL:AIRE Annual Project Conference, 11th April 2002, Imperial College, London.
- Invited Speaker, "Las Caras del Agua Subterránea". (Congreso en memoria de Germán Alfonso Galarza López). Instituto Geológico y Minero de España / Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya. 2002.
- Keynote Plenary Speaker: International Association of Hydrogeologists, Munich, Sept 2001
- Invited Keynote Speaker: International Mine Water Association Symposium, April 24th - 28th 2001, Belo Horizonte, Brasil
- Isambard Kingdom Brunel Lecturer for the Year 2000, British Association for the Advancement of Science
- Invited Keynote Speaker: BIOY2K Conference, (Water Institute of South Africa Conference on “The Biotechnology of Acid Mine Drainage Wastewater Treatment”), Grahamstown, South Africa, January 23 – 28th 2000
- Invited Keynote Speaker: El Agua en el Cierre de Minas. Universidad de Oviedo, Asturias, España, June 2000.
- Invited participant: ‘Seminario Internacional Sobre Corredores Ecológicos y Restauración de Ríos y Riberas – Aplicación a la Cuenca del Río Guadiamar’. (Programas y Resumenes de Ponencias). 9 – 12th June 1999, Seville. Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Junta de Andalucía
- Invited Speaker: Environment Agency National Minewaters Conference 1998, 20th – 21st April 1998, University of Sheffield, UK