Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard recycling posterThe majority of cardboard has a high recycled content already. By recycling it we can ensure that virgin materials are not used.

Recycling your cardboard is just as easy as recycling your paper:

  • Please flatten any boxes you have and leave them next to the paper recycling bins
  • Cardboard will be collected by the cleaners and taken away for recycling
  • If they are not flat packed cleaning staff will be unable to remove it for recycling and it will end up in the general waste and sent to landfill
  • Please flatten any boxes- thank you!

If your paper bin does not have a Cardboard Collection Point poster, please download one here and stick it to the side of the paper recycling bin.

Large amount of cardboard from deliveries?

If you produce a lot of cardboard from a delivery of product please fill out a porter request form to have it recycled. Or if you want to dispose of the cardboard under your own initiative use the external cardboard bin at your nearest bin store.

Tips to Reduce Cardboard Use

  • Ask suppliers to take your cardboard back when they drop off deliveries
  • When writing new tenders or contracts for goods which come in cardboard packaging make sure you stipulate that the contractor takes back packaging