ComposterThe University has an in vessel aerobic 'Rocket' food waste composter in operation on site.


Food waste is collected in the green boxes in offices and kitchens across the campus. The food waste is contained within a biodegradable liner which is then composted in the ‘Rocket’ composter.

We produce about 1000L of food waste every week. This is waste from the offices and kitchens and does not include canteen waste.

The waste we receive is mainly made up of tea bags, apple cores and banana skins.

The Composting Process

The 'Rocket' composter works by speeding up the natural composting process. It is a large tube which warms up and agitates the food waste. After 10-14 days immature compost is produced. This is matured in composting bays for a month before being put back in the soil on campus.


As the composter is a mechanical process it sometimes breaks down. This means we have to dispose of food waste in the general waste, this happens very rarely (less than 10% of the time).

Top tips

Compost collectionPlease put all of your food waste in the containers around campus including sandwiches, fruit, tea bags, meat and fish etc.

Please do not put any packaging in the food containers. No plastic, no cartons and no cutlery.


If you would like to learn more about the rocket composter please visit

If composting forms a part of your subject curriculum and you would like to arrange an educational visit to see and hear about the 'Rocket' composter please e-mail:

If you are an external organisation and are interested in more information about our rocket why not come and visit. Please contact Hannah on 0191 208 7789 or