Wood Waste

We provide a recycling service for timber waste and furniture, including pallets, that is not reusable and is wood based.

Unfortunately we cannot recycle MDF or hardboard yet.

For collection of wood for recycling please use the Porter Request form

This service is currently offered at no cost although is subject to change when the new Furniture Reuse and Recycling Policy is in place.

Why we Recycle Wood

The growing, harvesting and processing of virgin timber uses energy, and water, thereby using other natural resources which are not as renewable as timber. Therefore it is much more efficient to use recycled wood where possible.

The timber that we collect is recycled by a local firm Reiver. They reclaim timber for uses in a variety of ways from joinery to carcassing for furniture, while lower grades of wood are used for packaging and fencing material.

Wood which cannot be reclaimed is used for:

  • Mulch - can be used to prevent soil erosion, enrich soils, help limit water loss and moderate soil temperature change
  • Composting agent - sawdust and chipped wood can be used as a bulking agent to improve air flow and decomposition
  • Pet bedding/equestrian surfacing - untreated material can be used for pet bedding, and in exercise rings for horses
  • Chipboard and medium density fibreboard (MDF) - produced by mixing chipped wood with a resin and applying heat and / or pressure to form a board
  • Fuel - for timber fired boilers