In order to reduce overall waste mass at the University we need to look at ways to minimise the amount of waste that we produce.

Waste Minimisation Top Tips:

  • Think before you print! Only print when necessary.
  • Print double sided where possible
  • Keep paper that has been printed on one side in a tray on your desk to take notes. Recycle when you have used both sides
  • Use a Lug A Mug instead of paper cups for your hot drinks at EAT@NEWCASTLE venues and receive a 10p discount
  • Ask suppliers to take your cardboard back when they drop off deliveries
  • When writing new tenders or contracts for goods which come in cardboard packaging make sure you stipulate that the contractor takes back packaging
  • Reuse envelopes
  • Drink tap water instead of buying bottled water
  • Use electronic versions for policy/strategy/guidance documents where possible
  • Before you dispose of something think about whether it could be used by someone else. If it can, add it to WARPit online