What You Can Do To Save Water

At Work

  • Call ext. 7171 or e-mail ess-helpdesk@ncl.ac.uk to report dripping taps and pipe leaks or if the water is too hot
  • Avoid using hoses for floor washing unless absolutely necessary
  • Make sure taps, hoses or cooling systems are turned off after use. Remember! Dripping hot water taps will be wasting energy as well as water. Please report all faults to ESS customer services on ext. 7171.

In the lab

  • Use re-circulating cooling systems in laboratories
  • Avoid using water vacuum pumps as these use huge quantities of water
  • Don’t use distilled water when it is not required
  • Reduce the water supply to water-cooled equipment to the minimum required to achieve adequate cooling

At Home

  • When purchasing a new toilet, look for a dual flush option
  • Using a shower timer can help reduce water use in the shower, a shower timer is typically set to 4 minutes
  • Only use a dishwasher on a full load and avoid pre-rinse settings
  • Use efficient dishwasher and washing machine appliances
  • Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need, saving energy as well as water
  • Use any left over water on houseplants