Room bookings and accessing the web room booking system


University staff can log onto the booking system using their standard campus ID and password.

Problems logging in? contact Timetable Services on 0191 208 5451.

The spaces you view and book on the web booking system are determined by permissions pre-set for your role and/or department. All users will have general access to common space on campus but you may request additional permissions by completing the room bookings - request additional permissions form, in some cases a line manager or head of service may be required to authorise additional access rights.

When booking a room either online or by email request, you must consider the following regarding, external speakers, catering, bookings relating to non-university business and disability and accessibility:

1. Newcastle University and External Speakers

If you plan to invite an external speaker who is not a student or staff member of Newcastle University or the Students’ Union as part of a Newcastle University organised or co-organised conference or event on or off campus you must follow the booking procedure outlined in the Newcastle University’s Policy for External Speakers before allowing an event to go ahead. In considering whether or not to permit an event or activity to go ahead, the named organiser who must be a member of staff, or a student of the University who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the obligations placed upon them under this policy, will complete an External Speaker booking form which will include a risk assessment.

Newcastle University’s Policy for External Speakers

2. Offering catering at an event

When catering is offered during an event, you must ensure appropriate support is available at the end to clear away left over food into black bags, and disposable items into clear bags, both provided by catering. Please repackage all items back into the crates provided which should be left in an easy to access location, not doing so can disrupt subsequent events using the space.

3. Non-University business

All requests by Newcastle University staff for room bookings and room bookings made direct by via the Web Room Booking system must be for the sole purpose of Newcastle University Business. Room booking requests by staff for non-business related activities must be declared at the point of booking and will be directed to the University conference office ( where charges may apply. External room bookings and all internal events attracting a fee for attendance are dealt with by the University Conference Office (

4.    Disability and accessibility

When scheduling a meeting, workshop or seminar all staff should follow the A, B, C guide to disability and accessibility. Some locations on campus may not be wheelchair accessible, fitted with an induction loop or meet the needs of all the attendees, so when preparing for an event:

  • Ask about individual needs - if no one has any specific requirements you can book any space, but you need to ask to find out.
    • Suggested text: “Please advise us of any access requirements e.g. if you are a wheelchair user, require information in an alternative format, require audio amplification/hearing loop or visual equipment, require a BSL/English interpreter, or have any dietary requirements.”
  • Book a suitable space – if informed of a specific need, check the room you provisionally selected has the necessary facilities. If not, you need to find a new suitable space has information on all accessible rooms on campus.
    • Always use microphones where they are available in a room a routine practice in case people in attendance have hearing difficulties.
    • When booking a room on campus and in particular when using e-bookings, accessibility requirements e.g. Wheelchair access, should be added in step 1 of the requirements page to ensure a suitable location is booked
  • Check requirements for additional amplification and magnification equipment and book them from hardware loans. Available equipment includes:
    • portable induction loops,
    • personal radio aids
    • digital magnifiers.

Contact ISS for accessibility advice and the hardware Loans Scheme

If you require further information on access or need to review any bookings, please call Room Bookings on 0191 208 5451.

Room booking requests by email and phone

Room booking requests not possible using the web room booking system should be emailed to If your request is urgent, please call Timetable Services on 0191 208 5451 (08.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday).

Please note: room bookings in teaching rooms during teaching hours, are not possible until the academic timetable is published in September.

If you you would like to manage your space on the Web Room Booking system, please contact