On-line room bookings

All one-off room bookings should be made via the University web room booking system

Before using the web room booking system you should select and read the general operating policy. The policy covers any restrictions on use and conditions/procedures associated with arranging a booking.

Quick Q&A's

Can I use web room bookings? Yes, all University staff have access to the web room booking system.

How do I sign into the system? You can access the system by clicking on on the 'Make an on-line room booking' tab under Room Timetables, Information and Room Bookings. When you open the systems, a sign-on screen will appear, the Username is your Campus ID (i.e. nbp77) and Password is your normal Campus password to sign into the network.

Which rooms can I book? You will be able to book general or common user rooms across campus and any that are linked to your service or academic/research unit. The spaces you can view on the web booking system are determined by permissions pre-set for your role or department. If you feel you need permissions to book additional locations using the room booking system then these can be requested by your line manager or by completing the e-bookings - request additional permissions form..

What rooms are not on the system and who do I contact to make a booking? Some rooms in specialist areas of the University are not available to be booked through the on-line system, these include the Kings Road Conference Centre, The Research Beehive and the Devonshire Building. These rooms may occasionally be available for use, please contact the Timetable Services team for further information.

How can I get further help or training on how to use the new system? The system has been developed to be very user friendly and no formal training is necessary, if you do have any questions or problems then please do contact Timetable Services on 0191 208 5451.