Copy of Fourth-placed Rio entry now published

Could it be a marketer to save the world

Today's featured Rio+20 entry comes from Henrietta (Etta) Smylie, a BSc Marketing student from the Newcastle University Business School.

Etta's entry drew on her expertise in marketing and examined the power (and responsibility) of big business to help solve some of the world's most pressing problems. The judging panel were impressed with the way Etta focused in on one particular aspects of the debates we had last year, and used her particular background in marketing to give a different perspective. They were also very impressed by the very concrete, tangible (and eminently implementable) suggestions made by Etta in her report.

This entry saw Etta secure fourth place in the competition (congratulations Etta!) and we're now working hard on trying to secure funding to be able to offer Etta, and the other shortlisted candidates, runners up prizes.

Read Etta's entry here.

published on: 15th March 2012