Copy of Second shortlisted Rio+20 entry now available online

What about personal responsibility

Our next shortlisted entry comes from another MEng Civil Engineering student, Luke Barnwell (School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences). Luke's entry examines the disconnect between global issues and our own personal actions and choices and asks what can be done to increase our sense of personal responsibility for the impact of our actions.

Luke's entry, which finished 5th overall in the competition, was praised by the judges using some very emotive and compelling examples to back up his report and for arguing his case with clarity and passion. His entry made all of the judges reflect on the degree to which they are conscious (or not) of the impact of their actions, and for that reason this was felt to be a particularly effective entry.

Congratulations on coming 5th in what was a very tough competition, Luke - we hope you're really proud of yourself!

Read Luke's entry here.

published on: 14th March 2012